How Digitizing Our Company Made Us More Efficient


I came from a marketing company that was very set on keeping all processes manual. From filing paperwork, billing clients, or requesting budgets, everything was done manually and in person. For a millenial, this can be very frustrating and time consuming. We’re used to everything happening quickly and online. For us, doing tasks through an app or a website is more efficient and gives us a digital trail for documentation. This means that everything is documented digitally and we don’t have to worry about wasting our time with inefficient processes. It’s really another excuse for us to multitask. When new management came in, I was excited to learn what they had planned for my department. They wanted to digitise everything and streamline the daily processes. Honestly it was a long time coming! A lot of the younger employees were excited to see these changes – and there were a lot of changes.

The first order of business was to have employees clock in online or through biometrics. This meant that we no longer had to manually fill in our time in and out forms everyday. It may seem simple to you but it was a liberating new process for the company. The new management also decided to allow us to request budgets online. This meant we didn’t need to physically go to our finance department. We could simply use our company website to request the appropriate budget. For the recruitment department, we were given new digital forms to fill out. So when requesting for new personnel we didn’t have to go and visit the recruitment department in another building. All we had to do was fill out a form online and click send! Another exciting new addition, was a new meeting room booking system. Previously, we had been using a manual system, meaning we had to physically check if the conference room was in use and if another team had requested it while it was in use, they got to kick out the occupants. This occasionally led to some bad blood in the office. Additionally, our emails were no longer personal Gmail accounts. We now had a company email account with extra layers of security. Our company files were more protected. Now, reading all this, you might think these changes were small and simple but they were not. These changes took time for us to adjust to but in the end it was a welcomed change.

Our office became more efficient. We found ourselves no longer having to deal with menial tasks that took away time from the important things. Streamlining our everyday tasks made it easier for us to work remotely. It helped us cut out the unnecessary time consuming paperwork and made way for a faster digital process. All in all, we couldn’t have been happier becoming a digitised company.

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