4 Reasons Why You Should Learn To Code Today


Coders are the unsung heroes of today. If you have touched any smart device, used any app or visited any website, you are looking at the result of millions of lines of code that come together to make everything function (mostly) smoothly. If you have a modern car you better believe there’s a bunch of code in there making everything come together and even if your car isn’t modern, the machines that help put it together were powered by code. We’ll look at four reasons why you should learn to code today.

1) You will be very employable

Software coders have some of the most employable skills that can be used in so many industries. The shortage of coders too makes it a very in-demand job for the foreseeable future, but be aware that very young children are being taught to code as basic literacy and in the future this will translate into a very competitive area of the job market.

Since code is used in many areas of our daily lives but hidden, we are often unaware of its importance. However, its importance is not lost on those who need it to run their businesses and we can see that in the abundance of job listings in this market. From building code for apps, to electrical appliances or even meeting room booking software, there are jobs waiting for these and much more.

2) It enhances your creativity

The beauty of coding is the opportunity it gives you to experiment. There is a lot of trial and error that goes into building a piece of code and mistakes are common, but this is part-and-parcel of building great software. Codes are being perpetually improved and is therefore a challenge that keeps coders motivated. This continuous learning process and developments are what helps keep coders pushing boundaries.

3) You can build anything you want (or at least try to)

If you have an idea for a smartphone app you can build it yourself! How many of us have had great ideas such as these but felt limited by our (lack of) skills? Well if you knew how to code that would be one huge barrier out of the way. When coding you are only limited by your imagination, but as you progress, so will your ideas and creativity. You will potentially be growing exponentially!

4) It’s fun

Coding is actually very enjoyable under the right conditions. Of course it can be difficult and challenging but if this is what motivates you, then this could certainly be the profession for you. You will often be given the creative freedom to create solutions and solve problems. Anyone with a computer and internet connection can begin to code; there are almost no barriers to entry.

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